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Welcome to my website www.aviationphoto.co.uk

Iím aviation photographer and historian Andrew Critchell and Iíve been taking photos at airshows and the like since 1983 (oh dear, that makes me feel old!) Iíve also written a book 'A Tale of Ten Spitfires' which charts the combat history of The Shuttleworth Collection's recently restored Spitfire Vc AR501 plus the next nine Spitfires on the production line namely AR502 to AR510. The book is available now from Pen & Sword and has received some nice reviews so please check it out!

Iíve also had numerous articles and photos published in UK and European aviation magazines over the years, something that I still enjoy doing and am always on the lookout for a good story.

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A Tale of Ten Spitfires by Andrew Critchell

Reviews of 'A Tale of Ten Spitfires'

'I can confirm my original impression - it's an outstanding concept (unique as far as I know) and a great, easy read for WWII aviation enthusiasts. An enormous amount of research was required, and a good result was obtained.' - Aviation author and historian Donald Caldwell.

'This is a very interesting and unusual book that, rather than describing an aircraft type, its development or operational use, looks at a number of individual airframes. Obviously the result of a considerable amount of research, A Tale of Ten Spitfires provides an interesting insight in to the air war of 1942-44.' - IPMS Magazine Nov-Dec 18

'The stories of these iconic aircraft are told via fascinating first hand accounts, combat reports, unit diaries and other official documents.' - RAF News 30/11/18

'Highly recommended read. Detailing the specific history of ten Spitfire Vs with RAF numbers AR501-AR510. Each one is different, but strangely interrelated by pilots, squadrons and fates. Clearly AR501 is the only survivor today and currently in flying condition; but the fate of the others are equally as interesting.' - Amazon, January 2019

'An unusual book about 10 spitfires with consecutive tail numbers.
What this book also gives you is a look at how the spitfire and the FW190 went against each other in combat and how they were different aircraft.
This really is a book for aviation readers and one that gives an amazing operational history of these beautiful planes.
Well written and a book I would highly recommend and keep as a future reference.' - Amazon May 2020





What can you find on aviationphoto.co.uk?

This site shows pretty much every airshow or museum Iíve been to since 2001 in the Airshow Images section. There are some classic shows in there with a huge range of warbirds and military aircraft shown. There is also a small selection of images from prior to 2000.  

It is also a journey of digital change with my first airshow post being of Duxfordís Spring Air Display in 2001 (where de Havilland Sea Vixen ĎFoxy Ladyí made her display debut) where you can find the grand total of 3 images scanned from slides at a mammoth 600 pixels wide. In contrast, my spread from the 2019 Shuttleworth Military show has 138 digitally captured images reproduced at 1200 pixels wide!

I've lived most of my time so far in the south east of England a stone's throw from Biggin Hill, North Weald, and Duxford, and so airshows and RAF history, particularly the Battle of Britain, have been a big part of my upbringing (thanks to Dad!) and still consume a large part of my free time, the interest and passion being something I am (attempting to) pass onto my own sons. This means that most of what you will find are warbird shows and events at these airfields and other favourites such as Shuttleworth. I don't mind a fast jet either and so modern military is catered for, mainly via RIAT. Finally, I've had a couple of air to air hops and you can find these here also.

But enough of my meanderings! I hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions, queries or comments please donít hesitate to get in touch via the contact me page.



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