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  Sally-B and Friends Day - Duxford, Cambridgeshire, 31st July 2011


Review -
The Sally B and Friends Day, held at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on 31st July 2011, was Elly Sallingboe and B-17 Preservation Ltd's way of saying thank you to all the members of the Sally B supporters club who support the operation of this iconic warbird.  Sally B, namely Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress G-BEDF, is itself a flying memorial to all the USAAF personnel lost over Europe during the Second World War and is now the sole flying B-17 in Europe. 

Hundreds of members of the club (allowed in to Duxford for free on this day) and thousands of visitors flocked to the IWM site to meet the Sally B crew, enjoy the 1940s entertainment, and enjoy some special formations of aircraft spread over the day, the star of course being Sally B, who took to the air three times to display over her home airfield. 

What is not so apparent is the huge cost of operating the aircraft and the continual superhuman efforts of Elly and the team that are required to keep Sally B in the skies for our enjoyment and appreciation.  I therefore strongly urge you, if you have not already, to join the supporters club.  Perks include a member's magazine, free access for members to IWM Duxford on non-airshow days, and access to the inside of Sally-B on any Sunday (unless she is flying of course!) between 11am and 3pm (something not available to museum visitors unless they are club members).  More information at www.sallyb.org.uk

On a personal level the event was a great way to introduce my 18 month old son to the airshow scene and he certainly watched in rapt attention as Sally B and the Old Flying Machine Company's Spitfire and Mustang displayed - the aircraft is already 'hooking' the next generation :)

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