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  RAF Waddington International Airshow - Lincolnshire, 2nd July 2011


Review -
This was my first visit to a show at RAF Waddington and my presence was unashamedly due to the promise of seeing the USAF Thunderbirds display team with their six F-16 Fighting Falcons.  This was to be the second time I had seen the Thunderbirds display, the first being at RAF Mildenhall in 1997 where the team closed the show.  Then I took the decision to put the camera down and just enjoy the spectacle so this time I was ready to get some shots!  A feature of both my views of the team has been traffic.  Back in 1997 I remember watching the Thunderbirds and then sitting in my car and not moving for about an hour, and then taking another two hours just to get off the airfield!  This time it was the reverse with trouble getting into Waddington.  The coach I was in got to within about 2 miles of the airfield just after 10am (when the display started) and we finally parked at 12pm with just enough time to get the camera out before the Thunderbirds took off!   

Traffic aside, the rest of the flying more than made up for the less than perfect start.  Highlights included the Vulcan XH558, the Belgian F-16 Fighting Falcon demo and the lively routine by the RAF King Air which included some nice topside passes.  Photographic highlights for me where the Bronco and Norwegian Vampire duo which displayed at the end of the show in some great light.

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