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  Hunter 50th Anniversary Air Day - Kemble, Gloucestershire 22nd July 2001

Review - The celebration of 50 years of the Hawker Hunter at Kemble in 2001 will be remembered the most for the formation of 15 Hunters that closed the show in fine style in a sky-filling diamond formation.  Other highlights included GA.11 G-BZPB in the colour scheme of the prototype Hunter WB188 and the visit from Switzerland of the colourful F.58 HB-RVS / J-4015 'Papyrus' making its first UK airshow appearance alongside T.68 HB-RVP / J4205.

Photographs (left to right) -
Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2Bs XW986 and XX984
Hawker Hunter PR.11 WT723/G-PRII passing GA.11 WV256/G-BZPB which is in the livery of prototype WB188
Hunter F.58 G-PSST 'Miss Demeanour'
Second row -
Hunting Jet Provost T.3A XN459/G-BWOT
Delta Jets Hunter T.7A WV318/G-FFOX and Folland Gnat T.1 XR538/G-RORI
Hunter F.58 G-PSST 'Miss Demeanour'
Red Arrows
Third row -
Red Arrows Hawk T.1As
Classic Jet Aircraft Company's Hunter F.6A XF516/G-BVVC
Altenrhein Fliegermuseum Hunter T.68 HB-RVP/J-4205
Red Arrows Hawk T.1As
Fourth row -
Hunterverien Obersimmental's Hunter F.58 HB-RVS/J-4015 'Papyrus'

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