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  Great Vintage Flying Weekend - Cotswold Airport, Kemble, Gloucestershire, 8th and 9th May 2010


Review -
Despite the weather's best efforts to hamper proceedings there was still plenty to see as the Great Vintage Flying Weekend (G-VFWE) opened the season for the Cotswold Airport, Kemble over 8 and 9 May.  Now in its second year as a permanent fixture at Kemble, the event now  includes a short flying display adding an extra element to the weekend, while the ability to wonder around the aircraft park at midday with no barriers or restrictions around the aircraft gives a great opportunity to get up close and personal to aviation.

The Saturday saw conditions that were fairly dismal and this did impact visitor numbers both in terms of aircraft and spectators.  Fortunately the Sunday faired somewhat better, with over 70 aircraft making it in, although there was still a chill wind blowing showers across the region well into the morning.  Weather also impacted the flying display with Pilatus P2 U-110 G-PTWO stepping in at the last minute on Sunday while Radial Revelations' T-28 Fennec did the same on the Saturday.

The event also saw the second public appearance after a five year long restoration of Glynn Williams Hiller 12C.  The machine had made a brief hop to Popham the week before.

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