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  Flying Legends - Duxford, Cambridgeshire 13th July 2013


Comment -
It is easy to take for granted the feat that is Flying Legends and perhaps become blaze about the stunning sequences or complain that there were less Spitfire’s and Mustang’s this year or that there were no special ‘surprises.’

Simply put Legends is the best all warbird show in Europe and this year show was no exception. The show also poignantly saw Stephen Grey’s last public displays before stepping down from display flying at the age of 75. It was an emotional crowd that watched him put The Fighter Collection’s Grumman F8F Bearcat through its paces on both days.

Other highlights included The Bremont Horseman Flight Team flying 3 Spitfires in a close formation aerobatic routine (the aircraft were TFC’s Mk.Vb EP120, Mk.Ia P7308 and Mk.I X4650). Another unique formation was B-17G Sally-B and P-47G Thunderbolt ‘SNAFU,’ the latter having now departed the UK for a new life across the pond.

Debuting at the show, and making up one of the four Mustang’s present was P-51D ‘Moonbeam McSwine,’ owned and flown by Frédéric Akary, while TFC’s Grumman F4F Wildcat displayed on the Saturday after a 5 year absence from the skies.

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