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The Hanger 11 Collection - http://www.hangar11.co.uk/
Sally B Supporters Club (The B-17 Charitable Trust) -www.sallyb.org.uk
The Fighter Collection -www.fighter-collection.com
The Old Flying Machine Company - www.ofmc.co.uk
For all things De Havilland - www.dhsupport.com and www.dhmothclub.co.uk
An invaluable modern military database - www.scramble.nl

For anything airshow related - www.airshows.co.uk is a great forum while www.airshows.org.uk is a great source of information on venues and dates

Fast Aviation Data is an aviation research company that provides Aircraft and Airport Software with 3,500 Aircraft photos and specification 8,148 airports to help you calculate the distance and time between airports - http://www.fastaviationdata.com

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